Jyaasa BootCamp

About Jyaasa

We are an innovative software development and consulting company having core expertise on Ruby on Rails. We mostly build the technology for startups across the world with major clientele at USA, Canada, Japan, U.K and Australia. We have extreme passion for software craftsmanship and reliable software engineering to offer innovative solutions using emerging technologies being ethical and socially responsible. We strive to be an exemplar company and the very best at technical knowledge, software craftsmanship and development methodologies. Our core expertise lies on Ruby on Rails programming ecosystem.

Bootcamp at Jyaasa

Our Bootcamp is the highly intensive and rigorous training program designed to inject software craftsmanship into the aspiring, dedicated and high potential software engineering undergraduates. Jyaasa with this bootcamp come up with the mission to manage tech talents towards creative full stack engineer. Eight weeks of intensive training would be provided to the passionate engineers over Ruby, Rails and React under prespecified curriculum. Upon successful completion of the program they are expected to get opportunity to work with high caliber engineers at Jyaasa and develop world class software solutions. The main objectives of the bootcamp are:

Structure of Bootcamp

The entire bootcamp is divided into weekly milestones. Different mentors would guide the trainees as per their area of expertise: Linux, Git, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails and React. This program is highly research based where trainees are required to go through the tutorial provided by the mentors as well as explore more. There will be evaluation upon the completion of each milestones. Trainees have to pass each milestones to be eligible for next milestone. Based on the performance and weekly evaluation, the panel have the rights to terminate your traineeship. The performance of the trainees would be evaluated based on their learning capacity, completion of assignments, innovation, group collaboration, communication and presentation skills.

Who We are Looking For?

We enroll 5-7 trainees each time based on the rigorous recruitment process. We make the requirements public knowledge through various means including our social media, websites and so on. Basically we review the CV, perform skill testing and take final interview before making final selection decision. We do not expect you to have professional experience to join this bootcamp. But, your foundation knowledge shall be strong enough to be eligible for the bootcamp.

What you Get?

This bootcamp is the sincere investment of Jyaasa to build and manage the tech talents. Trainees expected to get right programming environment and put the foot on the right direction. Joining this bootcamp expected to explore following opportunities.

How to apply?

Send your resume at careers@jyaasa.com

Contact Us

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